Meet Nerv, a young demon who lives in hell. Demonology is coming in 2024!

Studio Roundup for November 2023

A peek at our upcoming cartoon series. New charms and celebrating handmade. The evolution of our game project. What our studio can do for you.

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The Cottagecore Collection celebrates nature and the simpler things in life.

Studio Roundup for October 2023

Our report about the Next Gen OS. Cottagecore charms unveiled. Creating a virtual open studio.

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You know that feeling when you're driving at night down a scenic highway towards the city? In Perth Western Australia we have a road like that called Riverside Drive.

Studio Roundup for September 2023

Come along with us To Another World. Our jewellery picks for the season. Delve into the challenges of making a 3D website.

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The Virgo Pendant features the Maiden’s hand holding a sheaf of wheat, with the Virgo constellation on the reverse side.

Studio Roundup for August 2023

Optimising 3D for the web. Virgo and Viva Magenta! What is "good code" anyway?

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Leo the proud lion, sculpted in precious metals with his majestically windswept mane.

Studio Roundup for July 2023

July is a month of celebration so let's celebrate! Happy Independence Day! Viva Magenta! Dive into PR on Artstation.

And more in our July 2023 retro.

Cancer is emotional, highly intuitive, caring, and above all, dependable. Check out the collection.

Studio Roundup for June 2023

This month we reflect on moving to GA4. Stunning pendants. File based Kanban. Establishing web presence via portfolio.

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This classic Gemini design features the mirror image of a mans face to represent the twins.

Studio Roundup for May 2023

A time of renewal and transformation - this is our retrospective for the month of May 2023.

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The Taurus pendant features the bull and his steadfast horns on the front and the Taurus constellation on the back.

Studio Roundup for April 2023

April 20th marks the start of Taurus. Preview of the latest pages from Kamigen.

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Take a wearable piece of zen from the garden with the Blossoms Ring.

Studio Roundup for March 2023

Latest from the little studio on the west coast - The character designs for Nerv and Arty are done! To celebrate this years March 27th Cherry Blossom Day we began promoting the Blossoms collection.

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Form Aura Colours is an illustration produced as part of research for an ongoing production.

Studio Roundup for February 2023

This month - We’re in the March issue of British Vogue! A sneak peek at our first ever cartoon character. Deep dive into a recent illustration by our art department and more.

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Screenshot of our entry in British Vogue

Studio Roundup for January 2023

Cartoons, magazines, comics, GIA rated diamonds... we've got it all!

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