January 2023

This is an exciting year for Open Studios — a lot of hard work and setup is now starting to pay off as we enter our fourth year of operation.


Introducing a new original cartoon about the life and times of two young demons growing up in hell. The concept is currently with our capable art team who are studying old school cartoons and coming up with the look.

This concept reel will be used as a thematic reference for art design and initial production.

The original Daemonologie published by King James was basically a political attack on alternative religion at the time. That attack had a huge impact on the course of human history until this day.

The witch trials which took place around the world can be traced back to the slanderous claims in Daemonologie. The entirety of the Shakespeare play MacBeth was written as a bit of ego stroking for ol’ King James — the entire plot built around making his enemies look evil/stupid and him highly capable and righteous.

Demonology is going to de-mystify the dark world for today’s age, showing that “demons” and “witches” are just people, maybe on their worst day. What makes you good or evil isn’t what you are — it’s who you decide to be.

Garrett Ray Jewellery

Established in 2021, Garrett Ray Jewellery has grown from it’s humble beginnings on Etsy into a fully fledged designer brand with a following across the world. We’re proud to announce that Garrett Ray Jewellery was recently invited to participate in a campaign with British Vogue, which has just hit newsstands this week. Much work has gone into this achievement.

Our spot in the February 2023 issue of British Vogue, part one of three in this campaign.

In the third quarter of 2022 we performed a competitor analysis on the website — looking at how our website stacks up to industry leaders who have been in the biz for decades. These changes elevated the site from just a generic Shopify site to the Garrett Ray Jewellery of today.

In the lead up to being in British Vogue, we produced a video ad just to set the tone of the jewellery brand. Video advertising is definitely going to be a space we explore more as we build our video production capability.

And finally we’re excited to announce the release of two new jewellery collections — The Diamond Classics and The Zodiac Collection.

Timeless and Elegant, Diamond Classics feature GIA certified diamonds set in precious metals.

Each horoscope design was sculpted to match unique artwork, the back features the constellation.

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The entire Kamigen project is undergoing an art rebuild, although it’s not at the top of our priorities right now as there is just *so much* to do here.

Previously Kamigen was rapidly produced on a monthly basis in order to generate unique story and art for a more advanced production. We have recently begun that. Here’s a sneak peek at a new trailer and some of the new comics pages, we hope you love the new look as much as we do!

Given the new level of art we can make now, the animation aspect of the project was brought forward. This test footage is the start of that production. Made with Blender and love.Joe’s introduction in the new comic, this is still concept art and not final.

Taka’s introduction in the new comic, this is still concept art and not final.

Other news

  • Gamer Loot Australia is now closed, it had a good run unfortunately it never really broke even business wise so the call was made.
  • Paul Brzeski has published some blog articles over the holidays.
  • Studio branding project is underway.

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