March 2023


The character designs for Nerv and Arty are done! The project already has a couple of scripts and a first one picked out so the next step is to begin storyboarding. We anticipate to have a demo animation out by June-ish.

Garrett Ray Jewellery

Take a wearable piece of zen from the garden with the Blossoms Ring, featuring a limited edition pink spinel set in 18k white gold.

To celebrate this years March 27th Cherry Blossom Day we began promoting the Blossoms collection. This debut set is limited edition due to the pink spinels you see pictured, however we do have plans to keep it going with other gems once the pink spinels run out.

The April 2023 issue of British Vogue (left) and our entry in the jewellery section (right).

This month sees our third entry in British Vogue for this campaign, this time featuring Virgo out of the Zodiac collection.

March is the month of the star signs Pisces and Aries, the latter of which began on the 21st of March so that’s what we’ve been actively promoting the past couple of weeks.

Adorned with the iconic rams head on one side and the Aries constellation on the other.

The online store has undergone some upgrades including the addition of search filters and better product tags. As part of our commitment to excellence at Open Studios we will ensure the site is regularly updated with improvements but if there is anything you’d like to suggest please tell us!

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The first chapter of the comic is about halfway through storyboarding. We are using old webcomics pages and new story notes to drive prompts in Stable Diffusion, the results are then arranged into the new storyboard.

The rebuild of Kamigen has had some character changes as well, with a greater focus on LGBTIQA+ themes and more accurate usage of Filipino cultural references. This time around we want native Filipino culture to not just be an aesthetic, but to be a central theme of every aspect of the world.

Tech feature

This past month we’ve begun to use ChatGPT in our work, it’s not been as big for us as Stable Diffusion due to many limitations with the platform but it’s still been really fun and productive.

We’ve made script ideas, social media posts, software code examples and even just tasked it with more general knowledge questions like how to smoke a brisket. The software seems unusually adept at understanding what you’re asking for, with simple tweaks often being all you need to get it where you want.

Much like Stable Diffusion, the productivity boon of having a tool that can rapidly produce a variety of text answers is very handy but not a perfect subtistute for an experienced and skilled human performing the same task. For the time being neither ChatGPT or Stable Diffusion generally produce media that is usable as is, but it is a great leg up versus starting from scratch!

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