April 2023

Garrett Ray Jewellery

We’ve reached the end of our 2023 Summer print campaign in British Vogue, but the work of a marketing agency is never done! Taurus season began on April 20 and as such we promoted this bold design across all of Garrett Ray Jewellery’s socials.

The Taurus pendant features the bull and his steadfast horns on the front and the Taurus constellation on the back.

In anticipation of Mothers Day next month, we’ve posted a Mother’s Day Gift Guide on the Garrett Ray Jewellery blog. If you’re shopping for a gift for Mother’s day and need a hand picking something, we encourage you to check it out!

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Auditing the current workflow for comics production — we noticed a glaring omission that has now been rectified. There wasn’t a scaffold to bring everything together — we had three different character stories on the go but hadn’t combined them into a storyboard for the new comic.

This has now been rectified, here’s a sneak peek at the first few pages!

The character previously known as Jim is now Taka, named after my favourite Japanese eatery here in Perth Australia.

For a full preview, check out the update on Instragram.

The challenge of managing files assets is an ongoing one in media production. Kamigen itself has evolved from being an RPG with a comic, to just a comic to the multimedia production that it is today. The folder system on this project reflects that with too many disparate folders in the root.

There’s too much going on here to make sense of it now.

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