May 2023


Pre-production of our first animated short continues. Storyboarding is about halfway done and we have an exciting new character to boot.

Like our other projects, we’ll be looking to build a following in order to justify and secure more time on the tools for this one. We will be posting the series for free to Youtube, TikTok and social media.

Garrett Ray Jewellery

A time of change and transformation, May is the beginning of spring for the northern hemisphere and start of autumn in the south. May is also the month of Gemini and so we promoted this beautiful and original piece on Garrett Ray Jewellery’s socials.

This classic Gemini design features the mirror image of a man’s face to represent the twins.

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Studio branding and the future

The current Open Studios logo contains the word “open” as an HTML tag that on a technical level also says it is open. This is a reflection of our original goals — to be an innovative and clever little tech company.

Today Open Studios makes websites, cloud apps, comics, cartoons, luxury goods like jewellery and also manages the PR and socials for our brands.

We are still a studio whose expertise lies with tech, it’s just time to also start showing our creative flair off — especially considered a lot of todays work is in the creative space.

So we came up with some aesthetic ideas and picked our favourite. We are really excited to show you what we’re working on, but are saving that for a nice re-launch of the website and logo across all channels.

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