October 2023

Computer Desktop R&D

As a creative and technical production studio, we rely on certain tools to get our work done. Unfortunately a lot of those tools are only available on Windows and MacOS. This prevents us from moving to a Linux desktop, even though they have been superior for a while now.

Looking at how to solve this problem from multiple angles, Paul Brzeski has put together a report on a possible new Linux and desktop launcher.

Check out Creating The Next Generation Desktop Environment

Garrett Ray Jewellery

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Garrett Ray Cottagecore Collection. A collection of whimsical charms found around your idyllic cottage home with a white picket fence and beautiful gardens.

The Cottagecore Collection celebrates nature and the simpler things in life. Available in sterling silver, 9k and 18k gold.

The development of the Cottagecore products took a bit longer than expected — mostly due to issues with sizing. The different shapes of each charm in the collection look and feel different size even when they’re the same dimensions. We ended up using a 3D resin printer to produce samples, allowing a more hands on approach to testing.

These are a few of the samples we printed in order to test sizing, it was imperative that each charm looked perfect as an actual charm when worn. A few percent change in a dense product like the Frog charm results in a very different feeling product — not to mention a vastly different material cost.

We have started to produce a series of video ads for the Cottagecore Collection, looking to boost the level of engagement with our followers and to elevate both the jewellery brand and the studios capabilities. Promoting on TikTok has been a particularly fruitful venture, the platform seems to have a much better amount of organic traffic than its western cousins.

Little frog charm bouncing along in the chill morning air, enjoying nature.

The star sign Scorpio runs from the 24th of October to the 21st of November. Ambitious and enigmatic, Scopios knows what they want and how to get it. They are known to be fierce and single minded. Get on their good side and you will have earned a loyal and strong friend.

Part of the Garrett Ray Zodiac Collection. Available made to order in sterling silver, 9k and 18k gold.

Opening the virtual door

Since its creation, we wanted Open Studios to be a place where others could learn, collaborate and create. In an effort to finally start doing that, we now have an Open Studios Github and Slack for local industry to congregate and help each other on their journeys.

Perth has a thriving meetup scene with groups covering subjects like Mobile App development to Machine Learning as well as many non technical subjects and groups. There’s a lot of potential to do something together if the right people were brought together.

The future

Opening the door to our virtual studio is going to take more than just meeting people and creating a chat space. We have the beginning of a FOSS lab on Slack with the Langenium MMORPG being run as an open project, sharing regular progress updates and inviting feedback from the group.

The next step will be to further value add to the Open Studios platform by adding a wiki style knowledgebase and promoting the works and achievements of local industry partners. This blog will serve as a spot to do that second part, so watch this space in the future!

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