November 2023


Preproduction of our first ever animated series continues, we’re hard at work rigging up models and preparing them for their debut. Set design and construction will follow soon after. We’re expecting the first test animations to be ready in early 2024.

Meet Nerv, a young demon who lives in hell. Demonology is coming in 2024!

Garrett Ray Jewellery

This month we introduced the Zodiac and Solstice charms, extending both collections with the new form factor. Check out the short video commercial we produced as part of this exciting new product option!

Collect the signs of your loved ones or just rep your own!

Garrett Ray Jewellery specialises in handmade chains, each link is made from scratch in the workshop. We wanted to celebrate the craftsmanship that goes into these pieces, focusing on the Foxtail chain.

Chains like this Foxtail chain are handmade from a spool of wire, where each link is individually rounded, fused, shaped and then finally woven together using a technique that dates back over 5000 years.

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When the Langenium project first began, most mobile devices were barely able to draw basic 3D shapes like spheres without crashing. Today the Open Studios virtual office website has the graphics of a 2010-ish AAA title which can be rendered on any mainstream phone, like an iPhone 15, at 60FPS.

The studio website is built on a fork of Langenium v5, and now v6 is being built around that application and its architecture. The goal of v6 is to make it easier for external contributors to participate in the project and to refresh the project with the latest in open source technology. The project README has been re-written from scratch and there’s now more structure in the folders so that their purpose is as self evident as possible.

Separate folders for the game client, shared code and server make it much easier to understand how this incredibly complex project fits together.

Our aim is to have an offline and online game that anyone can access via QR code, or website link. The offline game would allow anyone to play without connecting to the internet, as long as they have a copy of the game client on their device. When connected to the internet, they would be able to connect to the free test server to join other players in PvE and PvP.

It’s been ten years since this trailer was put together, we’re excited to show you the evolution of the Langenium engine including the cutting edge new graphics capabilities.

Website updates

We’ve recently updated the services page on our website. Open Studios offers a range of services and packages that can be scaled to meet the needs and budgets of clients of all sizes.

  • Animation
  • Commercial video production
  • Game development
  • Modelling and product renders
  • 3D Web Experiences
  • Full Stack Web Development

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you stand out from the crowd and delight your customers.

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