Case Studies

Screenshot of the new 3D website experience

This website

We relaunched our studio brand looking to demonstrate our capabilities in terms of creativity and technical execution. But more importantly, this is our epicentre.

The new studio website is designed to cause shockwaves by being something different but also familiar. We want you to feel like you've walked into a real office where we do our work.

On the technical side we've implemented automatic scaling of viewport and performance so the website works on all devices.

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Screenshot of the Garrett Ray Jewellery website

Garrett Ray Jewellery

Garrett Ray Jewellery is a local family owned business offering fine jewellery. We produced the client branding, graphic design, product design and renders, marketing support and web development.

Built on Shopify with the Dawn theme. We utilised the platforms built-in Git integration to create an automatic backup of any site changes to version control.

After conducting a competitor analysis comparing key pages in this category, extensive content upgrades were made to the site resulting in higher traffic and better user engagement.

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Concept art of the Kamigen Aircraft combat game featuring UI elements

Kamigen: Aircraft Combat game

A browser based flight simulator, this is a game accompaniment to the web comics and animated series we are also producing for the Kamigen project.

Originally built in Three.JS, the Kamigen game is being rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 using more advanced custom shaders and procedural generation techniques for island topography.

This is an internal R&D project with no fixed release date.

Play the Kamigen Aircraft Combat game

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Concept art of the Kamigen comics art style currently in the works

Kamigen: Comics and website

Kamigen is an in house multimedia project about a post apocalyptic solarpunk Earth and it's people with themes celebrating pre-colonial Filipino culture.

The original black and white Kamigen comics spanned four free issues which were produced to create the backstory and setting for the more advanced productions now underway.

Currently focused on relaunching the Kamigen web comics using new art work (picture to the left).

Check out the original Kamigen comics

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Screenshot of the Langenium MMORPG website which blurred the line between website and video game.

Langenium MMORPG

Langenium is an MMORPG concept built on, Three.JS and Node.JS. Due to the cost of running a server it's currently offline, but we have plans to bring it back!

The node.js server allows website visitors to play Langenium just by visiting the URL in their browser. Players could anonymously hop into a flying vehicle and shoot one another or one of the the bots flying around the map.

Visit the Langenium scene demos

Watch the Langenium scene demos

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